Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Elder Law Discussion at Wolfeboro Seniors Center

I spoke at the Wolfeboro Senior Center on the role of durable powers of attorney, medical powers of Attorney and Living wills, Wills and Trusts.  I also spoke about the new law that allows Nursing Homes and Assisted Family members to sue friends and family helping  nursing home residents or who received gifts from the residents for the time for which Medicaid refuses to pay. The Senior Center hosted event which was open to the public and joined by the members of the Wolfeboro Seniors Club.

The four course meal was delicious and my fellow diners were delightfully cordial and entertaining.  I got to visit with folks from Wolfeboro, Brookfield, New Durham, Westchester County and Long Island, New York, where I attended law school and the Wolfeboro Seniors Club, a longtime friend of my families and the mother of high school friend.  In other words, I had a fun visit and a great audience for my presentation who asked excellent questions.
Thank you to Lynn Tyler for inviting me.